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Child and Family Studies
CHFS 2216
Tom Waldock

Wednesday January 23, 2013 History (Canadian context) CCRC. Ch2: - The shift in rights is from viewing children as objects to viewing them as subjects - 3 stages in Canada 1) Children being viewed as objects of parental authority (social laissez-faire) 2) Confederation – The idea that children need to be protected 3) Children are bearers of rights (3P’s) Hammarberg Article: - Started with British advocate Eglantyne (pioneer of children’s rights) - 1924 – Declaration of Geneva (5 Principles) - 1959 – UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child - 1970s – Social Policies and Momentum building - 1978 – Polish Government proposed Convention of Children’s Rights - 1979 – International Year of the Child - 193 countries expect 3 sign and ratify (UN countries) – massive consensus - Exception countries:
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