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Winter 2013

Child and Family Studies
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CHFS 2216
Tom Waldock

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Wednesday February 13, 2013
2 things to consider each week when reading:
- Evaluate our level of commitment in particular areas using standards
- Assess what the author’s take is on our level of commitment in that area
- We have an expanding commitment to poverty (not only symbolic) in Canada
- Areas of progression or regression
Principles in the UNCRC (QC)
- Article 2: discrimination (cannot be based on any grounds (i.e. race, religion, age,
gender, etc.)
- Article 3: the best interest of children (this shall be a primary consideration)
- Article 4: economic, social and cultural rights
- Article 6: survival and development of the child
Provision Rights (related to poverty)
- Article 18: supportive rights (to parents)
- Article 19: protection from physical or mental violence
- Article 26: protection for social security
- Article 27: standard of living (including physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social
QC: Battle p.23 & 24 (also look at Stats Can. Handout for updated version)
- Long-term view as opposed to short-term view
- 14%-15% in poverty consistently over the years
Social Policy
- Canada’s commitments are not particularly generous in welfare state on the world
- Where we are generous are child benefits
- Rank well in health care (universal health care)
- Rank low in income maintenance policies and welfare (employment loss)
- Child poverty not ranked as well as elder poverty
- 60’s & 70’s is when we got a lot of our social policy (known as the Golden Era of
social policy)
- Neo-liberal and neo-conservative turn after that era
- We have been regressive since that time
- Not on the horizon any time soon
- People are not as committed as they once were to child poverty (in the Golden Era)
Stats Canada
- Measurements of deprivation
- Measurements of inequality

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Wednesday February 13 2013Poverty2 things to consider each week when readingEvaluate our level of commitment in particular areas using standardsAssess what the authors take is on our level of commitment in that areaPovertyWe have an expanding commitment to poverty not only symbolic in CanadaAreas of progression or regressionPrinciples in the UNCRC QCArticle 2 discrimination cannot be based on any grounds ie race religion age gender etcArticle 3 the best interest of children this shall be a primary considerationArticle 4 economic social and cultural rightsArticle 6 survival and development of the child Provision Rights related to povertyArticle 18 supportive rights to parentsArticle 19 protection from physical or mental violenceArticle 26 protection for social securityArticle 27 standard of living including physical mental spiritu
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