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Child and Family Studies
CHFS 2216
Tom Waldock

Wednesday March 13 2013Protection RightsMarginalized ChildrenChildren Requiring Alternative Care QC Ch12 Principles and relevant articles concerning children requiring alternative careWhat are we doing to live up to those articles and principlesFilm Letters to a Street Child Principles Article 2 nondiscrimination just by the wording we use ie marginalized children we are reinforcing discriminationWe have a federal system and child welfare legislation is provincial and we will have issues with discrimination due to our political positionWe dont want children discriminated against class race family origin etcArticle 3 best interest of the child the concept of best interest is a fundamental concept It is easy to make a connection in relation to this group of marginalized children because the system acknowledges this legislation Article 6 development of the child if we think children are not fulfilling their full potential we may question Canada to what is happening to these kids in regards to education are they in school are they receiving adequate education etc Article 12 participation rights children should be able to participate and have a voice in their own livesIf marginalized children dont have a voice this may be reason why t
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