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Monday January 14, 2013 Climate Change & Ozone Depletion Climate Change - The troposphere is the region of the atmosphere involved - Temperature and climate have been changing throughout the Earth’s history - Geologic records and atmospheric measurements provide information about past atmospheric temperatures and climate - Certain gases in the atmosphere absorb heat and warm the lower atmosphere, this is the Earth’s Natural Greenhouse Effect o the energy from the sun warms the Earth’s surface -> infrared energy radiates back toward space -> clouds, water vapor, CO2, and other gases in lower troposphere are heated -> when they absorb outgoing energy these greenhouse gases radiate infrared energy in all directions and some warms the troposphere and Earth’s surface - The two major greenhouse gases are CO2 and water vapor Climate Change and Human Activities - Humans have increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in the troposphere by: 1) Burning fossil fuels (releases large amounts of CO & 2H into4atmosphere) 2) Clearing and burning forests and grasslands (release CO & N 2) 2 3) Raising large numbers of livestock like cattle (release CH in4digestive process) 4) Planting rice and using inorganic fertilizers (release N O2into atmosphere) Global warming – temperature increases in the troposphere, which can cause climate change Global climate change – changes in any aspects of the Earth’s climate, including temperature, precipitation & storm intensity that can involve global warming or cooling - The world’s floating ice and land-based glaciers are slowly melting which reflects less incoming sunlight back into space and helps warm the troposphere even more - Complex mathematical models of the Earth’s climate systems have been developed that are used to project future changes in the Earth’s average temperature Possibl
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