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Child and Family Studies
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CHFS 2216
Tom Waldock

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Wednesday February 13, 2013
2 things to consider each week when reading:
- Evaluate our level of commitment in particular areas using standards
- Assess what the author’s take is on our level of commitment in that area
- We have an expanding commitment to poverty (not only symbolic) in Canada
- Areas of progression or regression
Principles in the UNCRC (QC)
- Article 2: discrimination (cannot be based on any grounds (i.e. race, religion, age,
gender, etc.)
- Article 3: the best interest of children (this shall be a primary consideration)
- Article 4: economic, social and cultural rights
- Article 6: survival and development of the child
Provision Rights (related to poverty)
- Article 18: supportive rights (to parents)
- Article 19: protection from physical or mental violence
- Article 26: protection for social security
- Article 27: standard of living (including physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social
QC: Battle p.23 & 24 (also look at Stats Can. Handout for updated version)
- Long-term view as opposed to short-term view
- 14%-15% in poverty consistently over the years
Social Policy
- Canada’s commitments are not particularly generous in welfare state on the world
- Where we are generous are child benefits
- Rank well in health care (universal health care)
- Rank low in income maintenance policies and welfare (employment loss)
- Child poverty not ranked as well as elder poverty
- 60’s & 70’s is when we got a lot of our social policy (known as the Golden Era of
social policy)
- Neo-liberal and neo-conservative turn after that era
- We have been regressive since that time
- Not on the horizon any time soon
- People are not as committed as they once were to child poverty (in the Golden Era)
Stats Canada
- Measurements of deprivation
- Measurements of inequality
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