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Lecture 9

HUMN-2006 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Homo Sapiens, Cheddar Man, Paranthropus

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Bill Leeming

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HUMN 2006: The Culture of Science
9. (Re)viewing Life - Part 2
Trying out to figure Darwin's method,
They can recognized in ethnicity and racial types.
They also categories them - looking for original form and indigeneity (first form)
Ex. Indigenous Japanese
o Interested in: Is the structural form of the indigenous population different from other
Looking for different forms in Asians
o Measuring and measuring different type of hair, eye colour etc.
Some indigenous going extinctic
o There would be a lot of ethnographic documentation
The last of the Tasmanians
Scientist arrived to the conclusion that there was one last Tasmanians
Recording the process of extinction
Details of categorization
Lackeys, There are many type of variations
o Many types of people who all look different despite being grouped together by a logical
There are ideas of indigenous in Britain that looks mythic
Looking at previous skulls, they formed an idea of what the indigenous person looks like
o They traced back to 'Cheddar' man's lineage
o Cheddar man has blue eyes, dark skin and black hair
Transmutation would change how we look like
The truth is always changing - Kuhn
o There is this big picture of what we want to believe about evolving human kind to flipping
back to where there is a change to leave to this belief
In our essay, just work on the neatherthal species
Human evolution began with primate
There is a common ancestral form with primates
o Today: primate development diverged from other mammals about 85 million years ago
This is working with darwin's method
The ideas are based on fragment of evidence collected over time
The evidence changes the 'truth"
Evidence can be creative and fill in the gap
Evidence and creativity: important
o Development of human kind show the lineage
These lineage approaches is simplify
It is believed that hominid …..
Out of Africa Theory
o Paleotolgist challenged ' the single species hypothesis"
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