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Lecture 1

SOSC-4002 Lecture 1: Introduction to Gender and Social Change

Social Sciences
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Lynne Milgram

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SOSC 4002: Gender and Social Change
1. Introduction to Gender and Social Change
Evolving frameworks for understanding gender and globalizing societies
Gender and status
Global/masculine, local/feminine, public/private
Women, labour, globalization and capitalism
Social scene perspective on sex and gender
The construction of femininity
o Barbie - used to enforce women's role
o Reinforcing women's perceived values - constructing their identity around their appearance (ie. Cosmetics,
Men and masculinities
o Barber shops - hyper masculine setting, becomes a social setting, more value being placed on men's
Redefining, resisting and performing gender
Development: labour and equity
In rural setting how do spheres of work affect peoples' social and economic positions?
Is there potential for social economic mobility?
How do the parameters of rural work relate to an urban context?
Development: agriculture/finance
Men and woman both work
Globalization, development and gender
The making
The making of development
What kind of institutional or organizational frameworks benefit women's
Product d
Perspectives on gender and work
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