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Lecture 5

VISA-3027 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Meteorite Find, Minaret, Zoomorphism

Visual Culture - Art
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Heather Coffey

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VISA 3027: Medieval Art & Architecture
5. Art and Architecture of the Early Islamic World
(Slide 1 - 3) Midterm Examination
Full sentences
Part 1: 3 Slide identification (3x6 = 18 points)
Artist, title, date
Historical Significance
Part 2: Short Answer Questions (3x6 = 18 points)
Provide definition
Provide example that illustrate term - identifying the artist/architect, title, and date
of a relevant artwork or building
Explain how this work/building display or demonstrate this idea
Part 3: Essay Question (38 mark)
Discuss, analyze, and contextualize a minimum of four works of art/architecture
using terminology. Answer must contain brief introduction and conclusion written
in full sentences.
Part 4: One point questions (1 mark)
(Slide 4) The five pillars of Islam (Islam means willing submission: total surrender to ones self)
Held by the faithful
Shahada or proclamation of faith: This is no God but God
Ritual prayer (salat): Five groups of Prayer daily
Ritual almsgiving (zakat)
Sawm: Fasting during the month of Ramadan, month of the Prophet's first revelations
Hajj: pilgrimage to the Ka'ba in Mecca, if physically and financially possible, and least
once in a person's lifetime
Crafting an aesthetic identify, architecture and artist draw from surrounding
architectural/artistic vocabulary
Byzantine is inspire by Islamic art; interior and shape from pre-existing byzantine and
local architecture
(Slide 5) Al-Ka-ba (The Cube) located in the Al-Majid Al-Haram (The sacred mosque)
Covered in the kiswa (covered in black silk textile)
o Renewed annually, covered with inscription in gold thread embroidery
o Textile weighs several tons and send by kiro, egypt
o Oldest/newest design
Black stone = al-hajar-al-asward
o Consider as sacred, through to be part of meteorite
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o According to quaran, stone is built from Abraham
Circumambulate (process around)
o Around the alkaba
The alkaba is consider as holiest place in Islam, pre-exist before Islam - Muhammad
cleanses the alkaba, becomes the centeral node of the world
Acknowledge linage to Christianity and Jewish
(Slide 6) Map
Devine regulations through angel Gabriele, over series of months and entire content of
revolation was recorded by follower - creating the quaran - preaching to people of islam
Migration = hijra
(Slide 7) background text
Misconception in islam; there is aniconic as there is no images
Anthropomorphic or zoomorphic content within religious spaces for worship
o Means mosques 99% will not have representation of animals or body, there will be
geometric and floral motifs
o Thing on quarran that depict narrative
o Avoidance in mosque and quar'an due to
(Slide 8 - 20) Al-haram Al-sharif (Noble enclosure or blessed Sanctuary) - very charged location
Ancient rocky outcrop believe the site of the Temple of Solomon
o Ties to other religious - Jewish and islam
o Jewish is temple of solomon and second jewish temple - was site of prevous major
o Christian call mount moriah - abraham ask to sacrifice son issac
Destroyed by Babylonians in 587 BCE and of the Second Jewish temple - destroyed by
Romans in 70 CE
Tangible forms through religious forms - Next to many religious centers
Dome of the rock (qubbat al-sakhra)
Built with money through military campaigns
Centrally planned structures
Gold roof is later ottoman innovation, was previous covered in mosaics (blue, green and
such) of local byzantine technique inherited by from early Christian Greek roman world
ancient roman times
Two wood shelve on high drum - dome is smaller with shelf that sits on collar of
masonary called drone
20 diameter and 25 meter high
Not a mosque due to no conform to later imperial mosque which are rectangular in
shape and different set of features,
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