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Lecture 10

VISA-3027 Lecture 10: Gothic Art and Architecture P2

Visual Culture - Art
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Heather Coffey

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VISA 3027: Medieval Art & Architecture
9. French Gothic Art and Architecture
(Slide 1) Back to the cloister/Claustrum: Dueling Monks and the Origins of Gothic
Greater density of form, no space - saying "Fear of small spaces"
(Slide 2 - 6) Interior view of the cloister, Abbey of St.Pierrce, Moissac, C.1100 CE
Romanesque is around medieval moissac/ cloister
Cloister: Latin for claustrum - refers to place specific in monastery
o Monasteries tend to have classic layout
Have Rule, list of requirement of activities and events
Many certain rooms, it's a self-sustaining community - well develop
multibuilding complex that help spiritual and living needs
o Claustrum is a broad passage way (cover/cave creates passage way and passage way
enclose a small garden) that surrounds an open square and is centrally located and
give access to multiple place - semi expose to weather - both inside and outside
o There might be more than one claustrum - always have one entrance to main
o Services today in the "quad" of university - elite university will have structure
o Refer to secure and refined space - sense of Barrell or vault
o Primary use for reading and instruction
During schedule activates, there will be time for reading
o Communal space - heavily used communal space that has very focused sculpted
imagery that demarkate interior space from the garden
o Romanesque period -
St. Peter
Relief carving of saint peter - holding all important keys - main attribute as Christ gave him
Image that refer to linage of authority - reminds them of origin of Christianity
o Elongated
o draftsmen like carving - Treatment of lines cascade down in a graceful way
o Juxtaposition of stylisation with elongated with softness of lines that is ironic
o Very flat from level of projection
6' high - large sculpture - frontly commemorate portrait of the abbey durandus on inside
of central pier on east side of cloister
Holding element of his office - bishops crook, shoes,
o Not portrait of individual but. More representation of his office

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o Stylized approach of human figure that conforms to framing elements that
surrounds of him and shape of pier
**very different from gothic, there is a flattening with delicacy with lines - like drawing
freely, while in gothic there is more rise in naturalism and 3d in human body
Historiated Capital
Looking at interior closer (slide 2), many capital have carving
o Some may or may not have story or narrative
Historiated capital - means a capital that depict story or narrative
o Not depicting history
o Comes from Latin root of history and story
o Narrative that's not necessary expected
Daniel in the lions den - historiated capital
o Subject matter is inscribed in large letter - Latin
o Still confusing so - they inscribed subject but often they're not inscribed
o The stylization - placing on symmetry instead of legibility
Looks strange - relief carving in eye level is judgement to spiritual development
of aid
(Slide 7) Road to Emmaus, Stone relief on Cloister pier, C.1100 CE
monastery of Santo Domingo De Silos
o For st.sebastion but damaged by spanish
Restored in 11th century and given new name
Cloister is usally for the monk and closed for the public, only open on feast day or
important religious days
o Subject matter that address pilgrimmage experiences
Three barefeet travels frames from left to right
o Christ is slightly larger lead figure
o Biblical road to Emmaus with pilgrimage too
Can encounter christ in own journey and have pilgrimmage validated
o Christ has seashell: seashell is embelem to pilgrimages
Pilgrimages wearing seashells for protection and being treated better
If you attack or rob them, you're treate christ wrongly
Stylistic: typical Romanesque painting
o Elongated of figure
o Flatness of body
o Looks delicate/anti-naturalistic (due to christ walking on tip toes)
o Same facial expression
To fit everyone
o Slighty right on relief carving
(Slide 8) Back to the Pilgrimage choir (At Sernin) and the Fragmentation of the Body
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