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Lecture 23

ARTH 301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Alain Badiou, Wood Carving, Inkjet Printing

Art History and Visual Culture
Course Code
ARTH 301
T'ai Smith

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ARTH 300
Nov 21
Artist as Author
• Canvas/Readings: Alain Badiou, St. Paul: The Foundation of Universalism
(Stanford, CA: Stanford UP, 2003), 4-30.
• Canvas/Readings: Gareth James, Not Late. Detained, in After Godard, ed. Caspar
Stracke (forthcoming Helsinki).
Edward Said: Philosopher of Palestine and Orientalism
Jean-Luc Godard: French-Swiss director
Methodology of James Gareth
1. The Real is that which always comes back to the same place: Broadway between
101st and 102nd Streets, New York, NY 10025, March 21, 2008
Stolen bike, it’s illegal so whatever qualities of material,
Untitled (2008). Stolen bicycle, spray, paint, broken lock, digital photo, glass.
Aim of exhibition: possibility of work for art can be manifest.
2. Galerie Christian Nagel, Cologne 2008
Capitalist relationships arise questions of subjective expressions
Lui. 2009. Graphite on inkjet print on canvas with bicycle inner tube. 18x24 inches
Book opens up describing killing his wife. James didn’t know what painting means.
Traumatic hope in representing. He is not evil he had a psychiatric episode; he needs
treatment, no punishment. One representation determined to be more accurate than
Nobody knows what the diagram means
3. Human Metal. Miguel Aubreau Gallery. New York
Wood carving a formal analysis of the diagram, what it might mean. Tree swallows
up younger tree.
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