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Lecture 22

ARTH 301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Magiciens De La Terre, Flea Market, Post-Structuralism

Art History and Visual Culture
Course Code
ARTH 301
T'ai Smith

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ARTH 300
Nov 15
Wed Nov 29th: No tutorial
Tue Nov 28th : no class, 2 hours to pair up in groups and have an in-class discussion
to work on outline
Essay 3: Critical Analysis of Art Work (interpretation)
Upload paper to by 11:59pm on December 6
Class ID: 16777831
Password: nochlin
Thesis, method
While writing paper, you might discover method is richer or more complex, or
object exceeds method. Acknowledge tension moments when there’s failures in
method or when object doesn’t want to fit nicely in method.
Paper requirements/instructions:
5 pages, double-spaced, ~1500 words (paper can be a page or so longer, if
necessary to argument).
Cite the title, date, geographic location, and name of artist or maker.
Describe the visible/formal elements of the work: mediu, shapes (organic or
geometric), colors, light, shade, texture, volume, mass, objective content, etc.
Include copy of the image on the last page of paper. Photo ideally that you
took when studying the work
You can use more than one method if necessary
Provide research on context of this work
Identify and unpack method (exposition of text)
Apply the method to your interpretation of the work
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find more resources at
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