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Lecture 13

ENGL 153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Times New Roman, Ask A Librarian, University Of British Columbia LibraryPremium

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ENGL 153
Lisa Grekul

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Learn to love your topic
Fake enthusiasm, respect and appreciate the topic
Select & FOLLOW a topic & brainstorm
Rough outline of what you will write about
Generate a (hypo)thesis
List of quotes that support/ are relevant to hypothesis
Written & published by other scholars
Collect evidence from "secondary Sources" (research)
A thesis is not set in stone
Make sure evidence supports it
Strong argument
If necessary, tweak your hypo(thesis) - until you have a thesis!
Quote, evidence, support
Bare bones of the essay
Map for writing essay
Make an outline
Fill in the blanks of the outline
Jazz it up
NO ONE produces a perfect first draft
Write a draft
Let the draft sit for a couple days, reread with fresh eyes
Read out loud
Let other people read it
Edit, proofread, rewrite, revise
Research Essay Writing: Steps
Articles, books, films…
UBC Library website
It has been reviewed by 2-3 people
Rigorous editing process
Essays in peer-reviewed academic journals
Chapters from edited books (published by University Presses)
Material from monographs (published by University Presses)
"Good" sources are
Haven't been formerly published and reviewed
Dissertations/theses (not ideal, but acceptable)
Discussion groups
Spark Notes
Cliffs Notes
NOTE: if you do quote or paraphrase from them, you MUST have a proper
citation. (AVOID THIS)
What to Avoid?
Finding Secondary Sources
L13 - Research Paper
February 22, 2017
9:26 AM
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