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Lecture 21

ENGL 153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Netflix, Dawning Information Industry, False Consciousness

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ENGL 153
George Grinnell

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English 153
April 3rd, 2017
From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry / Marxism & Cultural Studies Part 3
“I Was a Communist When I was a Kid”
How does From the Graveyard of the Arousal Industry work with some of these
Why does it do so?
Marxism as a Theory of Ideology
If society is unfair, why don’t people demand better? They often have and they
continue to do so!
Perhaps the unfairness of our social organization is not obvious for all to se. Marx
theorize that every society develops an ideology that explains “reality” and helps to
“reproduce of the modes of production,” which is to say, reproduce the status quo
Marx referred to ideology as “false consciousness” or the state of experiencing a
reality that excludes or distorts important details. It is as if there is a veil covering
Ideology is a Narrative
Ideology is a narrative, but we have forgotten that it is a just a narrative. We
regularly mistake the narrative for “the natural order of things”
The directive that “hard work yields success” is an ideology that can ignore
complexities around opportunity and access
Patriarchy is an ideology that narrates a story about the natural superiority of men
and the subordination women
Standardized Tests embody an ideology that narrates a story about education is
something one attains (a measurable thing) rather than a capacity and desire to
Ideology offers common sense propositions
We consume culture, whether this is in the form of Netflix, iTunes, books,
television, or going to movies; we have learnt that culture is made by others and we
”consume” it
oEx. English 153 teaches us we are all unique individuals with unique
perspectives of the world
How is Ideology Transmitted?
Culture expresses ideology, it is a vehicle for transmitting ideology; additionally, it
helps to ensure that the status quo remains as it is and that we do no have
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