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GEOG 129 Lecture 1: GEOG 129 - Intro

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GEOG 129
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Introductions Studying Human Geography Chapter 2 Outline Concepts of Human Geography: o 4 Traditions: 1. Physical 2. Regional 3. Cultural 4. Humanenvironment o Philosophical o Conceptual o Analytical 1. Philosophical Component Which philosophical options underpin geographers research? Overarching Philosophical Options: o Determinism (e.g. environmental) all events are predetermined o Possibilism every event is the result of individual human decisionmaking. Determinism vs. FreeWill 2. Conceptual Component Which concepts structure geographers research activity? Human geography involves two basic endeavours: o Need to establish facts (geographic literacy) o Need to understand and explain the facts (geographic knowledge) Idiographic concerned with the unique and particular (humanism) Nomothetic concerned with the universal and the general (positivism, marxism, feminism) Key Concepts Space Location Place Additional Concepts Distance Region Discourse Diffusion Development Globalization Space Areal extent o Absolute (objective): heart of mapmaking, chorology, and spatial analysis o Relative (perceptual): sociallyproduced and subject to change Critics: Spatial analysis focuses on space alone as an explanation for human behaviour (spatial separationfetishism) Location
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