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Lecture 2

GEOG 129 Lecture 2: GEOG 12 - Global Inequalities

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University of British Columbia - Okanagan
GEOG 129

Global Inequalities Chapter Outline Overarching Question: Why does the world today comprise a collection of unequal places? 1. Explaining and identifying global inequalities a. Population and food** b. Refugees c. Disasters and diseases** d. Prospects for economic growth i. Tourism and development e. Striving for equality, fairness, and social justice HAVE NOT Provinces the Maritimes HAVE Provinces BC, Ontario, and Quebec Explaining Global Inequalities Cultural development and agricultural domestication o Formation of early social groups Fire: Prompted identification of home bases Language o Early way of life: hunting, gathering, scavenging to agricultural domestication Relations between different parts of the world since European expansion The Beginnings of Civilization Civilization (agriculture + culture) o Cultures that include a relatively sophisticated economy, political system, and social structure Culture with: agriculture, food, cities, labour, surpluses specialization, state organization, social stratification o Environmental determinism o Pliny and Strabo Earliest signs of civilization were the domestication of grapes and olives Believe civilization began in the Mediterranean areas What specific changes led to the beginnings of civilization? o Early explanations racebased and discredited Key Explanations: Domestication of Agriculture o Maintenance suitable environment, use of energy Environmental determinism (physical geography) Climate challenges Shape of continents (Diamond) The shape of continents Jared Diamond 1997 North and South America North to South
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