POLI 220 Lecture 5: POLI 220 - Ideology

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Political Science
POLI 220
Carl Hodge

8. Ideology Ideology in Politics Barrington, 7072 Political Ideology: a set of beliefs or guiding principles about the proper functioning of politics and society. o Ideologies: Progressive government Social Democratic welfare state protections Marxist working class control Conservative minimal regulation Libertarian limited government Reactionary traditional social arrangements Moderate between progressive and conservative approaches Marxist Social Democratic Progressive Moderate Conservative Libertarian Reactionary o Ideology is to give those predispositions a particular coherence or political meaning o Organize the political world in our minds eye Ideology and philosophy o Ideology borrows from philosophy all the time o Seeks to mobilize principles and go somewhere with it o Most famous was Aristotle The leftright axis o History Accident of history that comes from the French Revolution where there was a separation of parliament from left to right Accident of the arrangement of the French estate generals o Theory Normative theory of human affairs Based on a theory of human history to this point A fairly crude interpretation of this history E.g. Marxist Ideology, If youre not willing to see the world the way we are than youre not one of us o Legitimacy Either defense of it or challenge of it o Political action Ideologies arent ideologies unless if theyre getting people to accomplish something One of the best readings or interpretations are of Marxists standpoints The liberal heritage Comes out of the 17th and 18th century, European enlightenment Scientific discovery applied imperfectly to social and political world Vanity to the social world that theyre sciences Theres ways to think systematically about public and political affairs Main spread is human rights in liberal politics and you are born with these rights but they have been taken away from you o Liberal constitutionalism The notion that government is something you need but can tyrannical (a necessary evil) Should be constitutionally limited
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