POLI 220 Lecture 6: POLI 220 - Political Cultural Measurements

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Political Science
POLI 220
Carl Hodge

7. Political Cultural Measurements Culture and the State Barrington, 97110 o Identity: the set of characteristics by which individuals or collectives of individuals are known to themselves and others. PermissivismInterventionism o What do you expect from the state, what do you want government to do, and how much do you want it in your life? What do you expect from the state? o Do you expect health care? o You could argue that a federal government has an obligation to a minimum standard of health care. o Trust in government o Trust in political leadership Disaffection o The extent to which people become annoyed with what government is doing o Doubt has set in disaffection with a deregulated government o How much people have given up o Radicalism Creates radical change and reform, and what you expect of that o Parochialism People are drawing into themselves The country screwed up, Im going to take care of it on my own Can be a positive measure as well in that they always vote in elections, read the newspapers, and often volunteer and give to charities For example, a lot of people have given up on the work environment in the US Barrington, 6395: Political culture and ideology Political Culture: a given populations underlying set of values and beliefs about politics and system of meaning for interpreting politics. Political Ideology: a set of beliefs or guiding principles about the proper functioning of politics and society. o Ideology is a coherent set of ideas o Touch on the idea of ideology (the pursuit of mobilization) and philosophy (the pursuit of a truth) o Ideology emphasizes only certain truths, while philosophy is in the pursuit of the truth in general Durable political culture o Resistant to change Political Culture and Change Modernity o Cleavages: o Industrialagrarian Depopulated in the country because people went to the cities to find employment o Secularreligious Pushes secular values and undermines religious values The western world is seen as an avatar of modernism Secular values argue that religion and faith are entirely a private thing and you dont take it out of your home or bring it into political affairs at all o Urbanrural Urban values are different than rural values What people want from government is different
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