POLI 220 Lecture 16: POLI 220 - South Africa

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Political Science
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POLI 220
Carl Hodge

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21. South Africa The Colonial Legacy Colonial legacy is particularly interesting for South Africa. Centered around two things apartheid and postapartheid South Africa Apartheid derived from the Dutch, African language developed by the Dutch settlers in Africa in the 17 century Form of separation (apart) Rigorous and hieratical (minority white population at the top) History of South Africa Strategic location = attention of seafaring nations (e.g. Dutch looking for ports and British taking these ports away Cape Town) Barrington, 238239 o Civil society o South Africa in the Scramble Of Subsaharan Africa o The Zulu Wars Zulu population collided with the Boers and the British Empire Begins the layers of apartheid o The Boer Wars Boer population = agrarian, strict Calvinists Begin to migrate North once intimidated out by the Brits (The Great Trek) Boer Republic = democracies First AngloBoer War the Boer won! (good horsemans and guerilla fighters) o Racial stratification These wars showed the beginning of this Socially, culturally, and politically British at the top, Boers in the middle, and the majority of the African population at the bottom
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