POLI 220 Lecture 22: POLI 220 - 14.Post-Soviet Russia

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Political Science
POLI 220
Carl Hodge

14. PostSoviet Russia The Dissolution of Soviet Russia Barrington, 306308: from Soviet Union to Russian Federation o Sums of the bones or general dynamics of the past 25 years or so o Putin is the kind of president Russians have been craving o Evolution or degeneration of Russia into the authoritarian globe domestic development Russia becoming a great power in the world Sense of Imperialism pride in being a great power Part of their political culture The life and times of the Soviet Union, 19171991 The revolutionary period Beginning in the 1930s this was halted Survived WW2 After 1953, Stalin dies Regime as repressive and terrifying as Hitlers third right DeStalinization Bureaucratization lost the political dominance of Stalin Between 19501970s Fairly successful; improved quality of life Cold War Country split between capitalist and communist people Could not compete with the US as a nuclear superpower and raise the standard of the Soviet citizens Spent about 17 of its money on military hardware, whereas the US spent about 7 o Legitimacy crisis and Gorbachev reforms Gorbachev had a certain charisma and was popular made changes quickly and efficiently o Soviet reformism: Glasnost and Perestroika Glasnost and Perestroika were pounded into your head Glasnost was frank about everything Perestroika restructure of politics o Failure of the August 1991 coup KGB was the first to say that were losing the Cold War and we need to surrender Was an attempt at coup to overthrow Gorbachev Who reverse the coup The Red Army did o President of Russia reversed the coup by rejecting it and calling upon the Army to do so picture of him standing on top of a tank saying, if this goes on, were going to have a democratic system
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