SUST 100 Lecture 1: SUST 100 - Pollution

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SUST 100
Matthew Nelson

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Pollution Quiz 2 Discussion questions more than facts Notes from speaker Films Read anything asked to read Air Pollution Health Effects o WHO estimates that air pollution killed 7 million people in 2012 more than double previous estimates Accounted for more things and more diseases from air pollution 88 of deaths are seen in lessdeveloped countries unequally distributed Indoor vs. Outdoor (ambient) o Household pollution Cooking and heating with solid fuel Poor ventilation Also tobacco smoke o Ambient pollution Sources vary greatly with region Air quality can affect multiple regions from pollution in one region Atmosphere Stratosphere o When you get up in an airplane o Usually quite a temperature change gets colder in the inner most layer and more moderate on the outer most layer Troposphere o Ozone layer helps to block out the UV radiation that may be damaging to us
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