SUST 100 Lecture 3: Energy

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University of British Columbia - Okanagan
SUST 100
Matthew Nelson

Energy Renewable Resources Renewable (13 worldwide ) o Solar o Wind A type of solar energy, created by solar energy A continuous renewable energy source o Hydroelectric Related to solar and wind energy o Wood Biomass (10 of worldwide commercial energy mix) o Geothermal Nonrenewable (87 worldwide) o Fossil fuels Oil, coal, natural gas Renewable really long term but not within the span of humanity o Nuclear? (uranium) Net Energy Net Energy Yield o Each energy production process involves energy investment o Gross energy production Investment = Net Energy Yield More steps involved in finding and using energy source, lower net energy yield Can have a negative net energy yield, which is a problem because were using more energy than we can get out of it Renewable Energy Direct Solar Solar cooking o Solar cookers and ovens Passive solar heating o Absorbs and stores heat during the day o E.g. for a house, materials house is made of, large southfacing windows to heat up the house naturally, and radiant barriers to reduce costs of electricity when cooling your house Active solar heating o Radiators Waterantifreeze solution to produce heat Solar thermal system o Mirrors collect and focus sunlight Move with the sun as the earth turns Concavity to focus the ray of the sun on a certain area Death Ray Buildings o Low net energy yield
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