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SUST 100
Matthew Nelson

SUST 100: Guest Speaker USING THE BIODIVERSITY CONSERVATION STRATEGY FOR THE OKANAGAN REGION IN ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY AND PLANNING Tanis Gieselman, MSc Project Coordinator for OCCP OCCP Okanagan, Collaborative, Conservation, Program Program that brings together about 35 partners and many associations to work on conservation work that they dont have time to work on separately. Banned together to start the OCCP to deal with the conservation issues. OCCP a partnership of organizations and institutions with shared goals: o Land use and future planning o Natural resource management o Environmental protection o Etc. Completes projects through action teams Distribution of the South Okanagan Grasslands Biogeoclimatic Zones used just in BC o Bunchgrass o Ponderosa Pine o Interior DouglasFir Prairies grass is vaster, whereas the Okanagans grass grows in bunches Distribution of the Development Urban development vs. Biogeoclimatic zones Distribution of the Protected Areas: The Steep and High Places ParksProtected Areas vs. Urban Development vs. Biogeoclimatic zones How is the remaining habitat affected after development? Haynes Lease Ecological Reserve highly endangered (redlisted) How far away is the remaining grassland affected?
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