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Phil 1100: The Meaning of Life Course Director: Henry Jackman TA: Luke Kurowski Word Count: 386 Nagel response to Epicurus statement on death “What is Nagel’s response to arguments such as Epicurus’s that death should not be feared?” In the lecture of Thomas Nagel on Death, Nagel argues against Epicurus perspective of death should not be feared. Nagel believes that life is good to have and the loss of it is bad because of the potential positive experiences you could have received is now lost (Nagel, p.1-2). My aim in this paper is to show that Nagel disagrees with Epicurus view on death not needing to be feared. Nagel confronts three points that defend the statement of death should not be feared. The first is what you don’t know can’t hurt you (Nagel, p.2). The second is “…the suppose misfortune is to be assigned to…” (Nagel, p.2) which can be interpreted as who is really suffering since you’re dead. The third is the asymmetry of attitude we have for posthumous and prenatal nonexistence (Nagel, p.2). Nagel argues the first point by stating that it is “…the discovery of betrayal makes us unhappy because it is bad to be betrayed
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