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Summary The purpose of this study is to determine the effects invasive species would have for the purpose of prioritizing management efforts. To determine the effects of superadditive, additive, or subadditive invaders, three experiments using a response-surface design during the plant species life cycles was implemented. The researcher’s hypothesis of a stronger competitive effect of Carduus nutans was not supported by the results. The results found no notable response towards competition between conspecifics vs. congeners and weak response both species had on combined density. The study concludes from the results that it would be better to focus efforts on unaffected areas because invaded areas will feel a marginal effect by newer invaders Critique The collection of each species data may not be completely correct. In the methods subheading of species description, the author admits to the difficulty of differentiating the species apart at the seedling and rosette stages. On top of this he writes that they both occupy similar habitats, primarily in pastures and roadsides. The difficulty in telling the species apart at life cycles can cause you to tally one species higher thus causing the other tally to be lower. Alot of researchers in many fields like in ornithology can sometimes resolve a bird identification issue because of bird’s different habitat preference. Since these plant species occupy almost identical areas, you cannot use this method to resolve classify each plant. The sum of incorrect data will then be analyzed to have inaccurate results and conclusion towards management ideas. The researchers artificially changed some aspects of the design. The seed placement gave a better condition for seed emergence by planting them at a de
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