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Anatomy and Cell Biology
ANAT 101
Richard Oko

Lecture #11 - Lower Limb Muscles Lower Limb Muscles • 4 regions -Gluteal Region (girdle) -Thigh Muscles -Leg Muscles -Foot Muscle • muscles are more massive than upper limb GLUTEAL REGION 2 groups • -gluteal muscles -lateral rotators • all muscles originate on hipbone and insert on femur • all move hip joint sacral plexus: innervates muscles • gluteal muscles gluteus maximus: most superficial, hip extensor gluteus medius: medial rotator gluteus minimus: deepest, medial rotator -make up buttocks, very powerful muscles 6 lateral rotators: muscles that laterally rotate hip • THIGH MUSCLES • 3 compartments -Anterior (extensors): extend the knee (quadriceps innervated by femoral nerve) Lecture #11 - Lower Limb Muscles • sartorius: longest muscle in the body, originates on hip bone at anterior superior illiac spine, inserts on proximal tibia • quadriceps femoris: insert on patella -rectus femoris -> originates at anterior inferior illiac spine -vastus medialis -> originate on femur -vastus lateralis -> originate on femur -vastus intermedius -> deep to rectus femoris, originate on femur -Medial (adductors): adduct the thigh (innervated by obturator nerve), originate on pubis all insert on medial aspect of femur, except for gracilis (proximal tibia) -consist of 2 layers (anterior, posterior) • anterior layer: gracilis: only adductor to insert on proximal tibia adductor longus pectineus posterior layer • adductor magnus: inserts distal to smaller adductor brevis -Posterior: extend the hip, flex the knee (hams
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