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Anatomy and Cell Biology
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ANAT 101
Richard Oko

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Lecture #12 - Thorax (Muscles and Bones) Thoracic Skeleton (thoracic cage) superior thoracic aperture / inlet inferior thoracic aperture / outlet thoracic spine -thoracic vertebrae (T1-T12) and intervertebral discs -where ribs attach sternum -manubrium -jugular (suprasternal) notch -articulates with clavicle and ribs 1-2 -body -articulates with ribs 2-7 -xiphoid -manubriosternal joint -sternal angle (of Louis) ribs -costal cartilages -typical ribs (3-10): head, neck, tubercle, shaft, angle -first rib: small, short, broad, flat -7 true ribs (1-7): costal cartilage attaches to sternum -5 false ribs (8-12) -2 floating ribs (11&12) -costovertebral articulations -head of rib articulates with 2 vertebrae (of the same # and above) -tubercle of rib attaches to transverse process of vertebra of same # -costal margin and infrasternal angle Muscles 3 layers of muscles Lecture #12 - Thorax (Muscles and Bones) 1) external muscles: el
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