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Anatomy and Cell Biology
ANAT 101
Richard Oko

Lecture #10 - Bones of the Lower Limb 1. Hip Bones (1 on each side) 2. Femur (thigh) 3. Patella (knee cap) 4. Tibia & Fibula 5. Bones of the Foot HIP BONES • composed of 3 fused bones -ilium -pubis -ischium acetabulum: socket of ball and socket joint greater sciatic notch: big ear lesser sciatic notch: small ear spine of the ischium: separating the 2 ears Lecture #10 - Bones of the Lower Limb obturator foramen: covered by membrane *fibrocartilage pad (jelly) limits movement in between hip bones female pelvis -designed for pregnancy -larger pubic angle male pelvis -smaller pubic angle Lecture #10 - Bones of the Lower Limb cartilage -> can assume they articulate with another bone -head of femur articulates with acetabulum of hipbone FEMUR -longest and strongest bone in the body PATELLA(knee cap) -articulates -sits on distal aspect of femur -under patella = tibial tuberosity *knee joint is a synovial joint TIBIA
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