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Lecture #15 - Lymphatic System.doc

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
ANAT 101
Richard Oko

Lecture # 15 - Lymphatic System Lymphatic System • network of small vessels (with lymph) that collect fluids lost from capillaries + return to blood • before returning to venus blood, lymph passes through lymph nodes that contain lymphocytes that respond to invading pathogens (viruses, bacteria), virus-infected cells, cancer cells and other pathogens COMPONENTS OF THE LYMPHATIC SYSTEM • lymphatic vessels (lymphatics) and lymphatic ducts • lymph nodes (glands) tonsils • • spleen • thymus gland • vermiform appendix LYMPH PATHWAYS • lymphatic capillaries -> lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes -> collecting ducts (thoracic + right lymphatic) -> venous system Lecture # 15 - Lymphatic System THORACIC DUCT • begins in upper abdomen -> passes up to left side of neck -> empties lymph into venous system (near junction of left jugular and left subclavian veins) -> drains lymph from all lower body and upper left side of body RIGHT LYMPHATIC DUCT • drains lymph from upper right side of body to venous system (near junction of right jugular and right subclavian veins) LYMPH NODES (GLANDS) • located along course of lymphatic vessels • act as filtering devices for lymph • produces lymphocytes (white blood cells that respond to invading pathogens) • are divided into compartments containing
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