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Lecture #16 - Respiratory System.doc

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
ANAT 101
Richard Oko

Lecture #16 - Respiratory System Goal of Respiration • energy,ATP • growth, defense, reproduction Anatomical Structures Respiratory Tract = Conducting Portion + Respiratory Portion Conducting Portion Respiratory Portion Nose Small Bronchioles Pharynx Alveoli Larynx Trachea Bronchi Large Bronchioles Functions of CONDUCTING PORTION • move air to and from gas-exchange surfaces to lungs • protects respiratory surfaces from -dehydration (humidifying) -temperature changes (warming) -pathogens (filtering) • sound production -speech, singing • olfaction -sense of smell Respiratory Tract Epithelium -“mucociliary escalator” NOSE Lecture #16 - Respiratory System NASAL CAVITY anterior wall -external nasal features: external nares, cartilage, nasal bones, vestibule -nose hair (guards nasal cavity from sand, dust, insects floor -bony hard palate (palatine, maxillary bones) -separates nasal cavity from oral cavity posterior wall -internal nares “choanae” (2) -open into nasopharynx roof -olfactory epithelium - sensory cells detect smell, info sent to brain through holes in cribiform plate of ethmoid bone lateral wall -3 pairs of nasal conchae: superior & middle (ethmoid bone), inferior nasal conchae (
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