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Queen's University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
ANAT 101
Richard Oko

Lecture #13 - Heart HEART • occupies mediastinum • apex (downwards, forward and to the left) • base (posterior) • has 2 circuits 1) pulmonary circuit: to and from lungs 2) systemic circuit: to and from tissues • has double muscular pump with 4 chambers -right atrium: receives deoxygenated blood from body (systemic veins) -right ventricle: pumps deoxygenated blood to lungs (pulmonary arteries) -left atrium: receives oxygenated blood from lungs (pulmonary veins) -left ventricle: pumps oxygenated blood to body (systemic arteries) PERICARDIUM fibrous pericardium: strong membrane anchored to diaphragm serous pericardium: thin sac containing fluid that surrounds the heart Lecture #13 - Heart -parietal pericardium: lines the fibrous pericardium -visceral pericardium (epicardium): covers the heart RIGHTATRIUM • forms most of right border of heart • right auricle • fossa ovalis • receives deoxygenated blood from systemic veins -upper body: by superior vena cava Lecture #13 - Heart -lower body: by inferior vena cava -heart: by coronary sinus • pumps blood to right ventricle through right atrioventricular opening (contains tricuspid valve) *cusps attached to papillary muscle RIGHT VENTRICLE • forms largest part of anterior surface of heart • separated from right atrium by coronary sulcus • receives blood from right atrium through right atrioventricular opening that contains tricuspid valve (3 cusps joined by chordae tendineae to 3 papillary muscles) • pumps deoxygenated blood to lungs through pulmonary trunk (artery which contains pulmonary semilunar valve: 3 semilunar cusps) Lecture #13 - Heart LEFTATRIUM • posterior to right atrium, forms most base of heart • left auricle receives oxygenated blood from lungs by 4 pulmonary veins • • pumps blood to left ventricle via atrioventricular opening (contains bicuspid valve) Lecture #13 - Hea
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