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Anatomy and Cell Biology
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ANAT 101
Richard Oko

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Lecture #20 - The Urinary System The Kidney renal function - filters blood -regulatory organ -preserves constancy of internal environment a) excretes excess water and waste products of metabolism b) maintains body’s normal extracellular/plasma fluid volume and acid-base balance c) produces hormones that regulate body blood pressure (Renin) and #s of red blood cells (erythropoietin) d) conserves substances essential to life Structure -kidneys are very vascular organs that receive 1/4 of cardiac output internal structure -cortex, arcuate vessels, medulla (renal pyramid), papilla, calyces and renal pelvis, renal sinus outer cortex inner medulla (made of renal pyramids) Kidney Vasculature • renal artery Lecture #20 - The Urinary System • segmental arteries • interlobar arteries arcuate arteries • • interlobular arteries • afferent arterioles • glomerulus -1st capillary system - filtration • efferent arterioles • peritubular network -2nd capillary system - in cortex • vasa recta -2nd capillary system - in medulla Lecture #20 - The Urinary System afferent arteriole = big efferent arteriole = small Nephron - Functional Unit of the Kidney 2 main components 1) renal corpuscle Lecture #20 - The Urinary System -glomerulus (incorporated into nephron) -Bowman’s Capsule (Glomerular capsule) 2) cortical and medullary tubular system structural definition of a nephron -a renal tubule composed of 2 coiled segments (separated by a simple U shaped tube) -at prox
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