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Anatomy and Cell Biology
ANAT 101
Richard Oko

Lecture #22 - Male Reproductive Tract -sperm cells produced in testes -migrate in ductus deferens -then ejaculatory duct into urethra -through penile urethra then out -sperm is stored in epididymis (can be viable for 2 weeks) *posterior view -ductus deferens crosses ureter -semen is made of fluid from seminal vesicle and prostate -then exit through prostatic urethra Seminal Vesicles -simple coiled tubular glands -mucosa formed of many irregular anastomotic folds lined with simple columnar epithelium Prostate -formed of 30-50 tuboalveolar glands each with duct opening into prostatic urethra -glands lined with simple cuboidal epithelium Lecture #22 - Male Reproductive Tract -peritoneal cavity (in black) -testes sits in fluid cavity -tunica albuginea is a thick fibrous layer -forms septa Lecture #22 - Male Reproductive Tract Rete Testis -anastomosed channels lined with epithelium of low cuboidal cells sitting on CT Efferent Ducts -simple columnar epithelium, variable in height giving it an irregular “festooned” appearance - site of fluid reabsorbtion Epididymis -made of caput, corpus and cauda regions -all lined by pseudostratified columnar epithelium, both secretory and absoptive -site for maturation of spermatozoa Ductus Deferens -same epithelium as above, containing long microvilli -surrounded by thick lamina propria and thick tunica muscularis of circularly and longitudinally arranged smooth muscle fibers Lecture #22 - Male Reproductive Tract -tubules! -lining inside of tubules -lumen inside -sperm is released Lecture #22 - Male Reproductive Tract Lecture #22 - Male Reproductive Tract -as you go up each layer, cells mature -original cell sits on basement membrane -each spermatagonia gives rise to 2 spermatocytes KNOW THESE THREE!! spermatagonia: stem cell spermatocytes: early-mid round/elongated spermatids Lecture #22 - Male Reproductive Tract -sertoli cells secrete fluid into lumen
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