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Lecture #30 - Endocrine System.doc

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Queen's University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
ANAT 101
Richard Oko

Lecture #30 - Endocrine System Intercellular Communication • preserves homeostasis -mostly through chemical messages distant communication coordinated by endocrine and nervous systems • -nervous system is fast -> specific and short in duration -endocrine system is slower -> releases hormones into bloodstream that bind to target cells, longer duration Endocrine System • includes all endocrine cells and tissues • cells are glandular and secretory • secretions enter ECF • cytokines are local chemical messengers • hormones: chemical messengers secreted into blood and transported to target cells Lecture #30 - Endocrine System • hormones can alter func. of target cells • hormones bind to membrane receptor Lecture #30 - Endocrine System hormones bind to receptor on cell membrane receptors are coupled to G-protein (become activated when receptors are busy, then activate adenylate cyclase-> breakdown of ATP) CAMP activates kinases enzyme is activated/channels are open target cell responds cells of anterior are surrounded by capillaries ce
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