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Lecture 10

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Queen's University
Anatomy and Cell Biology
ANAT 215
Leslie W Mac Kenzie

ANATOMY 215 HEAD and NECK (Reading Material: Chapter 6: pages 141-158; Chapter 10: pages 269-272, 274, 277-280) • Skull: •22 bones •cranial bones: •function- form skull • facial bones: • function-forms body structures of face •cranial bones (8): •forms cranium: •cranial vault (skull cap) •cranial base (floor) •cranial cavity •cranial vault: •frontal bone: •single •forms the forehead and roof of the orbits (bony eye sockets) •(2) parietal bones: •paired •forms superior and lateral surfaces of skull •(2) temporal bones: •paired •forms the lateral and inferior walls of the skull •features: •zygomatic process: • zygomatic arch •external auditory (acoustic) meatus- external ear canal •mastoid process- can feel behind ear •styloid process- dagger-like process •occipital bone: •single •forms posterior wall and base of skull •foramen magnum- large hole at base, point where spinal cord is continuous with brain •occipital condyles- articulates with atlas •sphenoid bone: “elephant” or “bat” •when skull is intact, can only see portion on lateral surface (beside orbits) •single •keystone of the skull- in middle part of base of cranial floor •body •sella turcica- pituitary gland is here •greater wings •lesser wings •pterygoid processes- “legs” •ethmoid bone: •single • small, wafer thin • forms most of the bony area between the nasal cavity and the orbits •cribriform (horizontal) plate: •olfactory foramina •crista galli (roosters comb)- along midline •superior and middle nasal conchae- projections that hang off lateral mass, act as turbine to swirl air in nasal cavities •perpendicular plate: (straight up and down) •forms part of the nasal septum •sutures (articulations): •coronal- crosses superior surface of skull, separates frontal
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