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September 10 2012What is engineeringThe art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of manSir Thomas Tredgold 1828ArtEngineering problems are open ended multiple solutionsScience1 answerArtMany answersEngineeringMany answersTherefore engineeringartAnswers have 4 things1Scientific knowledge2Technological skill3soft skills eg economics social info etc4Inventiveness genius imagination creativity etcThere are some things you dont have when searching for a solution to a design problem1Unlimited resources materials or money2Unlimited knowledge3Unlimited time4Lab 1 Highway Design two week labThere are a number of steps to be takenModel the existing systemModel the design solutionImplement the design solution given the design was goodUse and convenience of peopleTwo parts of this1Economics ie costaDo as best we can while using minimal materials2The environment as a wholeaPhysicalbChemicalcSocialGreat sources of power in natureSeptember 12 2012A great engineer does not simply ask can it be done but should it be done In life well have to think about two needs1Our needs2Societys needsEarth Systems and Earth Systems EngineeringThe materials in nature come from the Earth ie they are in the realm of this course However we also create waste and put it into natureSources Where we get stuff fromSinks Where we put our wasteSolar energyplanetary sourceseconomyplanetary sinksheat lossThis is the basic model of the EarthWe use the sources of energy to drive the human economy put the waste into planetary sinks and then some of it gets lost as heat into space
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