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Lecture 3

ARTH 120 Lecture 3: AH Lecture W3

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Art History
ARTH 120
Katherine Romba

Mackenzie Gregson [email protected] Lecture Art History Week 3: Greece Classical Architecture - It Is a complex and evocative language - Doric Order : Column, capital, entablature , triglyph, metope (styled like a man, strong) - In ancient texts we read about the idea that the classical elements of architecture come from a hut and representations of nature - Another Idea is the column is like a human body and the capital is like the head, this means there are human like proportions to buildings, a therefore natural - Temple of Hera II at paestum proportioned building to make sense to us ca 460 BCE - Doric building - Intercolumniation's = space between columns measured from theoretical centres of the columns - Pediment : triangular portion above the temple - entasis= swelling , which the columns in the temple does , which creates this sense that the above of the temple is pushing down on the column which shows power Iktinos and Kallikrates , - It is a Doric building Parthenon, Akropolis, Athens, - The parthenon was commissioned by Pericles who was the leader of Athens during this period , he was a famous speech maker 447-432 BCE - In his speeches Pericles creates the sense of a golden age of democracy for Athens - Drums : Every single stone has to be calibrated as if it were a giant puzzle , this is to form an optical illusion to make the silhouettes of the columns seem regular Temple of Athena Nike, - Ionic order style temple (styled like a woman, sculpted and slim more ornate, elegant) 427-424 BCE, Acropolis Athens - This temple is seen as a temple of victory , meant to show an imperial demand and express this in the architecture - Ionic Building Erechtheion 421-405 BCE, Akropolis, Athens - Sacred building with sacred statues, snakes and beliefs - A more complex site with a different floor plan vs. a regular rectangle - Instead of columns there are statues of women, it is a literalization that the column is like the body - It is meant to show that even though something is beautiful it reflects violent desires , with a powerful and disturbing edge - This building in general is much more ornate Corinthian - Vitruvius story of how Callimachus invented the corinthian capital : Callimachus was going for a walk in a grave yard , a nurse put a basket of fruit by the roots of a tree and overtime the plant, basket and tile folded together to create an arbitrary form - Meant to be based off of the body of a virgin a young girl with leaves in her hair Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassae 450-420 BCE - This is the first known corinthian style temple Amphora with meander pattern - Five foot tall pot , considered to be extraordinarily sophisticated - It was placed on the a woman’s grave , it has holes in the bottom so that water and and funeral ca. 750 BCE oils could seep into the grave - This shape of pot is typically always placed on women graves (not men) - The photos on the pots show the woman’s funeral and mourners eat the funeral tearing at their hair - In greek society it was very important to have proper funerals and if you had money you would even hire mourners to come and cry and tear their hair out and scream at your funeral - Here there is an obsession with death and a funeral (but not the afterlife) your image on earth is much more important to them Black - figured amphora Exekias, Achilles and Ajax playing dice ca. 540-530 BCE - The clay itself is red , and then they would paint black on top to create a sophisticated look - This scene of them playing dice is not discussed by homer (the epic) therefore someone must have added an e
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