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Style and Identity

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ARTH 306
Katherine Romba

January 14, 2011 ARTH 306 Style and Identity Lecture A) German Confederation 1815 a. Might also be referred to as Deutscher Bund b. No political unity, just an alliance so that if attacked again that they will unite against them c. 39 entities in the confederation d. Austria and Prussia strongest in the militia and economically in the confederation e. Also free cities not governed by a monarch – Bremen, Hamburg, Lubeck, (these 3 in the north are part of Hanseatic League) Frankfurt B) German Identity a. Germans had become interested in defining their common characters shared b/w German people b. Prompted by the French, but not military but culture i. The French very influenced by the enlightenment ii. The French thought their standards were universal iii. Germans started searching then for what made them German and not French c. Difference b/w Germans and French is ‘Civilization and culture’ ‘Zivilisation and Kultur’ – French can have civilization with the sciences etc., Germans have culture – Innerlichkeit (inner perspective) – very romantic and mystical d. Development of Gothic Architecture i. Gothic style develops in Germany in the high MA ii. Not used much after the late 1600s b/c of association with Catholicism iii. North largely turns to Protestantism and South largely remains Catholic iv. In the later 1700s aristocracy decide that Gothic style might be something stylish v. They become ‘follies’ for the rich vi. Structures for aristocracy look not as unified or complex as other buildings like Cologne Cathedral vii. Cannot explain the beauty (as the French could) but can feel it – in all the harmonizing
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