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ARTH306 Biedermeier January 28, 2011 January 28, 2011 ARTH 306 Biedermeier Lecture A) Biedermeier a. Restrained classical style b. Term coined after it had lost its popularity B) Zimmerbild a. Paintings that capture interiors b. Restrained, simple, homey c. Space that’s being used, a space with meaning d. Includes knick-knacks etc. – all meaningful in some way to the family e. Also heightened sense of colours f. Simple and plain, clear geometry – furniture C) Compared with the Empire Style a. Empire more opulent b. Someway similar in that look to ancients for inspiration, also sometimes flat looking c. Empire more exotic and costly looking – luxurious D) Time of peace a. Can focus on industrialization and commercial progress, education etc. b. Education i. Volksschule – ‘folk school’ – primary school for everyone ii. Girls not cont. beyond this, iii. UC boys went to gymnasium afterwards (high school) then university iv. Development of literacy c. Time to focus on culture and time to develop the sciences d. Now time to just focus on family life and the home e. Pr
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