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Schinkel and the Building of Expression

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Art History
ARTH 306
Katherine Romba

ARTH306 Schinkel and the Building of ExpressionJanuary 19 & 21, 2011 January 19 & 21, 2011 ARTH 306 Schinkel and the Expression of Buildings Lecture A) Cologne Cathedral vs. Neue Wache a. Cologne Cathedral i. Heavily ornamented ii. Strong vertical and horizontal lines iii. As a Catholic Cathedral, it draws upon the early pre reformation Gothic architecture that was popular iv. Renaissance culture saw this ornamentation as disorderly v. Confederate Germany liked the decoration because you could feel it b. Neue Wache i. Plainer ii. Symbolizes order and stability iii. Political harmony c. Zwinger Palace, Dresden i. Classical but more Rococo then more traditional ideas of Classicism d. The classical style is the one being taught in school – the highest beauty that can be achieved B) Bildung a. Personal cultivation b. Arouse in Germany in early 1800s c. Cont. into the early 20 C d. Social ideal e. Founded on idea through cultivation of each individual the German individual could do more for the state f. They look to Greece for inspiration b/c they see Greece as a strong independent state with cultivated citizens g. More broad-based curriculum, but focus on the classical and tuning ones mind into acuity and how things fit together in the bigger picture h. Bildung would build the new Germany i. Development of objective methods of investigation – empirical data j. Used Bildung to ward off French culture and for large part it worked k. Needed an infrastructure i. b/w 1808 and 1810 Wilhelm Humboldt restructured Prussian educational system from primary schools to university C) Schinkel a. Educated at a gymnasium (gimnaaseum) where he was educated in humanist and classical teachings b. Went to a Bauakademie (building academy) – modeled after French techniques c. Attended lectures at academy of fine arts led by Alois Hirt ARTH306 Schinkel and the Building of ExpressionJanuary 19 & 21, 2011 d. Attended an architectural society (Private Society of Young Architects) by invitation only – led by Fredrich Gilly e. Schinkel became in charge of giving his opinion on the aesthetics of all the building projects in Prussia D) Neue Wache a. Located on Unter den Linden – a ceremonial street – close to the palace, university etc. b. Looks strong and fortified i. Hulking ii. Few windows iii. Masculine Doric order iv. Rather plain v. Not a building you could scale vi. The entablature is rev
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