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Tectonics and the Representation of Architectural Truth

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Queen's University
Art History
ARTH 306
Katherine Romba

ARTH306 Tectonics and the Representation of Architectural Truth January 26, 2011 January 26, 2011 ARTH 306 Tectonics and the Representation of Architectural Truth Lecture A) Frederick the Great and modernization of Germany a. Freedom of thought b. Modernized it’s economy c. Shift from agrarian to more industrial d. Serfdom outlawed in 1807 e. Huge social change after end of serfdom – class not fixed by birth more vulnerable f. Industry and transportation takes off – railways moved ppl and goods g. Slower to modernize and industrialized compared to France or England – affected by 30 Years War B) Schinkel and modernization a. Interested in the aesthetics of industry – buildings that communicated industrial development b. When designing the Altes Museum, when on a trip to France and England to examine museums with an engineer named Beuth c. Was fascinated more by the industrial buildings then the museum buildings themselves C) Bauakademie b.1831-1836 a. 1830 Schinkel becomes director of ministry of building (Oberbaudirektor) b. Red brick building c. Industrial looking – frame structure – can make out the supports d. Trabeation e. Would like to open it up more, but not enough iron in Prussia at this time, so
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