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Architecture and Modernity

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Katherine Romba

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ARTH306 Architecture and Modernity February 04, 2011 February 04, 2011 ARTH 306 Architecture and Modernity Lecture A) Political Changes a. North German Confederation i. Outcome of the Prussian-Austrian War ii. Excludes Austro-Hungarian Empire iii. Excludes southern German states is Bavaria, Wurttemberg iv. Also remained some independent territories and cities w/I North Germany v. First time there is a shared parliament b. Franco-Prussian War in 1870 i. Wanted Alsace-Lorraine – area rich in coal and iron ore ii. Bismarck who was strong Prussian leader nettles France iii. France declares war on them iv. Bismarck convinces Southern territories to unite and fight against the French v. Prussians win the war and now possess Alsace-Lorraine and Bavaria etc. c. German confederation i. Gained some things by joining ii. The states still have their own leaders and can control some things like education and culture B) Modernization a. Factories saw drastic growth and expansion by the turn of the century b. Larger companies – decentralization of the workplace – c. Smoke-stacks, pollution, and sprawling factories a sense of pride d. Department stores i. Palaces of commerce ii. Meant to cause excitement e. Growth in leisure time
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