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The Three Bunds

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Art History
ARTH 306
Katherine Romba

ARTH306 The Three Bunds March 16, 2011 March 16 & 18, 2011 ARTH 306 Durerbund, Bund fur Heimatschuz & Deutsher Werkbund Lecture A) The Three movements a. Durerbund – 1902 b. Bund fur Heimatschutz - 1904 c. Deutscher Werkbund – 1907 B) What did the three have in common? a. German culture needed to be reformed b. That should be based on vernacular i. Building approach unique to a particular region ii. Vernacular styles believed to be natural and authorless iii. Volkstumlich – emerging from the ppl c. All three rejected Jugendstil (Ugenschteel) i. This was marked by a particular style imposed on the inhabitants or the public ii. Style reform had to emerge naturally and subconsciously from bottom up (the vernacular) iii. Jugendstil was pure fashion – something that was fleeting, a trend, something that wouldn’t last iv. The animated lines are too nervous – why would we want this in our homes as well as in the streets – anxiety over modernity v. Neitzsche – ‘the birth of tragedy from the spirit of music’ – book published by him showing how Greek tragedy is a sign of strong and healthy culture – portrayed through Apollonian (Apollo) and Dionysian (Dionysus) ideals – both strongly have to do with culture – claimed that every culture had to have these two elements - Dionysian was the one that got most attention late 19 C – felt society was too focused on Apollonian – too rational, structured, proper C) Durerbund a. Group that embraces age of Durer (actual person) – something German and vernacular b. If could analyze what is morally bad and morally good in architecture then could teach how to be or avoid one or the other i. Vernacular is just very unifying and looks like it all belongs together ii. Paul Schultze-Naumburg wrote book on this Kulturarbei
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