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Architecture of the Third Reich

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Art History
ARTH 306
Katherine Romba

ARTH306 Architecture of the Third Reich April o1, 2011 April 01, 2011 * April 6 ARTH 306 Speer, and the Architecture of the Third Reich & Nuremberg Lecture A) How did the Third Reich come to power a. Major economic issues through the Weimar Republic i. Loss of natural resources and territory ii. Have to pay War fines iii. Dawes – plan by international community to give loans to Germany in 1924 – economy starts to pick up – most loans came from the US – until 1929 when Great Depression starts b. Weimar never really strong b/c so many groups vying for power c. By 1930s various conservatives begin to be elected into parliament i. Begin to suggest return to former glory ii. As they gain more power they begin to take away rites of citizens and
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