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Otto Wagner and Modern Architecture

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Art History
ARTH 306
Katherine Romba

ARTH306 Otto Wagner and Modern Architecture February 16, 2011 February 16, 2011 ARTH 306 Otto Wagner and Modern Architecture Lecture Modern Architecture by Otto Wagner – on reserve – good if doing the manifesto Bildungsbabarei – barbaric architecture A) Class development a. Bildungsburgertum – upper middle class valuing bildung i. Employed by civil service, the arts, university, learned profession requiring university education – lawyer, architect, professor etc. b. Besitzburgertum – the wealthy middle class – the property middle class – more sympathetic to industrial capitalism i. Employed as a manager, dptmt store owner, entrepreneur ii. A lot of overlap with Bildungsburgertum c. Mittelstand – lower middle class i. Employed in trades, skilled labourers, technicians, office workers, builders ii. Engage themselves in lifestyle reform so that can be like upper middle class B) OttoWagner a. Austrian b. Heavily influenced by German develops in architecture and in turn was himself influential on German architecture c. Educated in 1857-1860 in Vienna at an architecture school, then in Berlin a Bauakademie d. Aware of Schinkel’s ideas and other architects e. First worked as a private architect and then a professor at Academy of Fine Arts
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