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Weimar and Socialist Modernism

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Art History
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ARTH 306
Katherine Romba

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ARTH306 Socialist modernism March 30, 2011 March 30, 2011 ARTH 306 Weimar and Socialist Modernism Lecture A) How Cosmopolitan compares with Socialist a. Cosmopolitan modernist want to capture capitalism and express it b. Socialist modernism trying to express it, but also that architecture can change people c. Perhaps the market can’t take care of everything in architecture d. Need for affordable houses and not everyone can afford to have a classy architect design a classy building B) The Bauhaus a. Moves from Weimar to Dessau an industrial city b. The did design social housing for their workers C) Housing in Berlin a. Worse by far b. Apartments and rooms over crowded lack of sanitary c. Government begins to step in d. Government developed series of building codes to help improve conditions i. Building height restrictions according to class of land ii. Size of building in relation to class of land and size of lot iii. Required cross ventilation in apartments and homes iv. Each house or apt had to have one principal room that had sunshine e. Government was not directly involved in the design or financi
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