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BIOL 102
Wayne Snedden

Biology Lecture: October 28, 2011 - DNA Replication – Figure 10.16 - Bidirectional replication, single origin of replication in bacteria, multiple origins of replication in eukaryotes - Starts at origin of replication and starts to unwind - There are interspersed origin of replication - Which of the two copies will go to the daughter cell - Enzyme: DNA Helicase 0 binds to the double strand and opens up the strand - Single stranding binding proteins keep DNA from reassembling together - While separating down the line causes to supercoil - Topoisomerase opens DNA to allow uncoiling - RNA primer- added first by DNA primase (two added which go along the strands) - Subunits add at 3’ end but new strands elongate in opposite directions - Leading strand elongates into fork - Lagging strand elongates away from fork - Elongation proceeds smoothly on leading stand – addition to lagging stand is by 100- 2000 base - Okazaki fragments – lagging stand grows discontinuously because of the size of these fragments - DNA Polymerase I
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