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 and the external environment and that significantly do not depend on the id for their energy  They assume that these egos functions and capabilities are present at borth and develop through experience.  Ego functions have energies and gratifications of their own usually separate from id impulses  Freud viewed society negatively, ego analysts hold that an indiv social interactions can provide their own special kind of gratification  Brief psychodynamic therapy----Freud originally conceived of psychoanalysis as a relatively short term process. Freud envisioned a more active and briefer psychoanalysis than what eventually developed  They found that 59% of those receiving psychoanalysis were women and that the mean # of current diagnoses was four. On average each patient had one diagnosable personality disorder.  Overall 82% of the patients had tired other forms of therapy including drug treatment. Most patients had received psychoanalytical treatment for many years. A follow up study found that the average length of treatment was 4.8 yrs  Patients from Canada, US and Australia and found many similarities across countries. The most common diagnoses were mood disorder, anxiety disorder, sexual dysfunctions and personality disorders  Time limited psychotherapy is available as an alternative to the many years sometimes required for classic psychodynamic treatment.  Brief therapy was developed to meet the expectations of the many patients who prefer therapy to be fairly short term and targeted to specific problems in their everyday lives  The growth of brief therapy also evolved from the need to respond to psychological nd emergencies. Cases of shell shock during the 2 world war led to classic short term analytic treatment of what is now called post traumatic stress disorder  Insurance companies and government health plans have played a role in shortening the duration of treatment by encouraging therapists to adapt their idea
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