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Digestions of Food

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BIOL 110
Gordon Dueck

Digestions of Food: The Alimentary Canal (Gut) 1) MOUTH where food is chewed and swallowed  Hydrolysis of starch to maltose by salivary amylase  Alkaline conditions assist to break the glycosidic bonds in starch 2) Food travels down the OESOPHAGUS by peristalsis 3) To the STOMACH  Acidity kills bacteria / Inhibits salivary amylase o Gastric glands are stimulated by gastrin to secrete gastric juice o Contains HCl and pepsinogen (inactive pepsin)  Active pepsin digests proteins → would damage glandular tissue  Damage to stomach wall by acidic gastric juice is prevented by mucus  Stomach digests proteins by hydrolytic endopeptidase o pepsinogen + HCl + pepsin → pepsin o Endopeptidases (pepsin/trypsin) break peptide bonds in the middle of polypeptides ATE PRODUCTS ENZYME PRODUCED BY Proteins Smaller polypeptidesEndopeptidase: Pepsin Gastric glands 4) To the SMALL INTESTINE (duodenum → ileum)  Liver in the upper abdomen secretes bile o Liver detoxifies blood by removing poisonous substances / destroys old red blood cells / converts Hb to bilirubin (present in bile) / produces
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