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Menstrual Cycles

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BIOL 110
Gordon Dueck

 Daily charting or symptoms for at least two menstrual cycles  On the plus side inclusion might alert ppl to the hormonal bases of monthly mood changes linked to the menstrual cycle and thereby foster more tolerance and less blame. On the minus side listing such mood changes in a manual of mental disorders could convey the message that women who experience these psychological changes are mentally disordered  Mixed anxiety- depressive disorder- in mixed anxiety depression disorder, a person would have depressed for at least a month and have had at the same time at least four of the following symptoms: concentration or memory problems, sleep disturbances, fatigue or low energy, irritability, worry, crying easily, hypervigiliance, anticipating the worst, pessimism about the future and feelings of low self esteem.. the person must not be diagnosable as having a major depressive disorder, dysthymic disorder, panic disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder  Passive aggressive personality disorder (negativistic personality disorder)  Not attributable to depression, symptoms include resenting, resisting, and opposing demands and expectations by means of passive activities such as lateness, procrastination, forgetfulness and intentional inefficiency. The inference is that the person is angry or resentful and is expressing these feelings by not doing certain things rather than by being assertive or aggressive. Such ppl often feel mistreated, cheated or under appreciated  Depressive personality disorder- ppl whose general lifestyle is characterized by chronic gloominess, lack of cheer, and a tendency to worry a lot. This trait like long term disorder may be a precursor to a full blown major depressive disorder. Its very difficult to distinguish between depressive personality disorder (DPD) and the main depressive disorders  Its possible on a statistical basis to distinguish DPD and dysthymia which is a milder bu long lasting form of depression. However they also found that 95% of the ppl who meet diagnostic criteria for DPD also meet the diagnostic criteria for dysthymia  DPD is a subtype of dysthymia  Another disorder listed in the DSM-IV-TR is minor depressive disorder which may be distinguishable only by virtue of its not being as long lasting as depressive personality disorder  Proposed axes in need of further study---- defence mechanisms defined as automatic psychological processes that protect the indiv against anxiety and from the awareness of internal or external dangers or stressors.  Defence mechanisms are divided intyo groups called defence levels and are measured by a
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