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Ego Analysis

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BIOL 110
Gordon Dueck

 Ego analysis belief in a set of ego functions that are primarily conscious, capable of controlling both id instincts We must look at the way they experience events rather than at the events themselves.  Healthy people are aware of their behaviour, emphasises the desirability of being aware of motives.  Healthy people are innately good and effective. They can become ineffective and disturbed only when faulty learning intervenes.  Healthy people are purposive and goal directed. They do not respond passively to the influence of their environment or to their inner drives.  Therapists should create conditions that will facilitate independent decision-making by the client (self-actualisation). Roger’s Therapeutic Intervention: - Avoided imposing goals on the client during therapy. The client is to take the lead and direct the course the course of the conversation and the session. The therapists job is to create the conditions that, during the session, help the client return to his basic nature and judge which course of life is intrinsically gratifying. - Unconditional positive regard: the therapist accepts the person for who he is. - Two types of empathy: o Primary empathy:  Refers to the therapist’s understanding, accepting, and communicating to the client what the client is thinking or feeling. o Advanced empathy:
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